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After Care For Your Flooring

Walking on your floor

Moisturecured polyurethane will take at least 7 days to cure completely. However, after 2 days you may walk on the floor in socks or stockings. You may find that, for a short time, you will leave footprints where you walk and every speck of dust will cling. Don’t worryonce the floor completely dries this won’t happen anymore. 

Have you had your floor finished by us or someone else?  Read the following for: What to expect from your floor


How to Clean Your Cork/Wood Floor

Wood Floor Care Your floor should be vacuumed or swept frequently and washed with hot water and methylated spirits 10:1. A mild detergent, such as dish washing liquid, can be used occasionally, but regular use will leave a film on the surface. 

We recommend the use of a commercial cleaner which can be purchased off us direct.  Please contact us should you wish to purchase this cork/wood floor care cleaner.

Follow these steps every 6 to 8 weeks for a perfect clean:

  • Dissolve 1 cap full of cleaner in 5 litres of warm water
  • Using a microfiber mop, mop your floor collecting as much moisture as you can – do not leave the floor wet
  • Leave to air dry
  • In between these cleans, dry mop with your micro fibre dry mop


We do not recommend the use of steam mops to clean your solid wood, engineered timber or cork floor. 


Floor Maintenance

How to Keep Your Cork/Wood Floor Looking Great

There are a few things to take note of to keep your floor looking in tip top shape:

  • Felting of furniture – we can provide this service for $100 + GST when we finish your floor
  • Use door mats in order to remove dirt and pumice
  • It’s always best to have footwear removed when indoors, but if you do allow footwear inside, be sure all footwear is checked for any stones; and ladies – stiletto heels are a no-no, please remove those heels at the door
  • If you have pets, ensure their nails are kept trimmed to prevent scratching
  • Never drag your furniture when moving it, always lift


  • Chair legs collect grit and act as sandpaper which will dull your floor permanently
  • If you are using mats, especially on those areas which see direct sunlight, be sure to move these around otherwise you will notice a change in tone compared to the uncovered area. If this does happen, this will even out in time with an even sun exposure


Floor Glaze - Keeping Floors Shiny

Like everything, polyurethane floor glazing will wear. Heavy traffic areas will of course wear faster than low traffic areas. Floors left dirty and gritty will wear faster than those kept clean.

Re-glazes may be carried out anywhere from 3 to 5 years apart, depending on the circumstances.

During a re-glaze, your floor will be lightly sanded, washed with a special solvent and have 2 coats of polyurethane floor glazing applied. It is important to note that a re-glaze will not remove any deep scratches or imperfections.

Ask about our re-glaze programme for optimum results and maintaining perfection.


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